Epson L380 Resetting Software Function

– Check the present estimation of waste ink counters and ink level counters.

– Clear Waste Ink Counters.

– Cleaning print head.

– Ink charge.

– Read and compose sequential number.

– Read and compose USB ID.

– Read and compose HEAD ID.

– Make EEPROM dump, reinforcement.

– Paper feed test.

– Nozzle check.

– Color checks design.

– Initialize (incapacitate) PF disintegration counterbalance.

– Retrieve gadget data

– Make firmware minimize.

Reset Epson L380 squander ink cushion counter By Video 

Instructions to Reset Epson L380 squander ink cushion counter. 

– Connect Epson L380 to PC by USB link.

–printer Power on and hold up printer prepared to work.

– Open WIC reset programming and pick a printer.

– Click on Read squander counters to check page counters of printer.

– Click on Reset squander counters.

– Enter key reset on entering reset key here and snap OK to reset page counter. You should click OK one time.

– Power off and power on printer to finish clearing waste ink pad counter

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