Epson l360 red light blinking one by one

Every Epson L360 printer show red light blinking one by one error and service required error problems

Download WIC Reset Utility Tool – Reset Flash Lights Error Status on My Epson L360 Printer with Epson L360 Printer Waste Ink Counter Overflow and Epson Adjustment Program to Reset Epson L360 Printer. The Epson l360 printer ink pod counter needs to Reset. Need service on Epson l360 printer? Two red lights are flashing. And the Epson L360 printer has a red light blinking error. Both of these errors come with the Epson printer. You must download and reset the Epson L360 printer waste ink counter with the Epson L360 reset (how to reset)Epson L360 Printer Waste Ink Pads Counter Overflow Error and How to Fix It.

Epson l360 red light blinking one by one / (l130, l220, l310, l360, l365) adjustment program download

Turn off the Epson L360 printer print and say that parts of your Epson printer are at the end of their life?

Need to replace Epson L360 ink pads?
-Do you see a small message box on the monitor with red lights?

Are you telling me to take your Epson L360 printer to the Epson service center?
The Epson L360 printer and each Epson printer have internal waste ink pads to collect waste ink during the cleaning and printing process. When these ink pads reach their limit, the Epson printer will send you a warning alert, and it will refuse to work. All Epson L series printers are very good in service and print, but many times it sucks, e.g., Color correction, a short line on the printing page, and the red light flashing on the printer is the most common problem, or I should call it Ink Pad Change the warning on the printer (same). That means full printing for your old ink pad. It would help if you changed your ink pad, but I will check the place showing all the time to change the ink pad until it works for 1000-2000 print.

Epson l360 red light blinking one by one service required?

But when you print almost 6700 *, the printer tells you to change the pad. But here is the solution. You should try this resistor application to reset the print count on your printer. This reset works only with Epson L130, L220, L310, L360, L365 printers. Epson printers are best for troubleshooting identified Epson adjustment programs. Printers have a common problem with a waste ink pad counter, an overflow error. All red lights on the printer flashing displays show an error message, Printer ink pads at the end of their service life. Then stop working, and you have to go to Epson Support. Displays on your PC. You need to download Epson L360 Red Light Blinking Problem Solution Software through Epson L360 Utility Tool.

Epson l360 red light blinking one by one: Solution

Epson L360 printer waste ink counter, sponge pads will overflow, and your printer will stop printing. You can now fix the service required error to reset your Epson L360 red light flashing problem. With the Epson Adjustment Program. I hope you have successfully downloaded the file. Or have trouble downloading? But do not worry. If the download Epson L360 reset link does not work, please let us know. WhatsApp support is also available for our customers.

Steps on how to reset Epson l360 printer

First, disable antivirus.
Download the Epson l360 resetter program from the below link
Unzip /extract the downloaded file.
Next, open the folder and run Adjprog. Exe on your desktop.
Epson Adjustment program title is open; click on” select.”
Then select your printer “model Name “from the drop-down list and choose auto-selection click on OK.
Click on “Particular adjustment Mode.”
Next, select “waste ink pad counter” and click on OK.
Now click the “main pad counter “checkbox and click “check. “
When you click on the OK button, you will see a pop-up message; the counter will start. Click OK
Select the “main pad counter” check box. Click on initialize.
Click on the” finish “button.
Close the Epson adjustment program.
Next, turn off your printer.

Epson adjustment program free download full version

How to Use Epson L360 Resetter Tool | watch video