Epson l380 l383 l385 l485 resetter/adjustment program free download

Epson l380 l383 l385 l485 resetter: The Epson L385 is a wireless multifunction printer designed to provide the best quality performance. However, when used continuously for a long time, this Epson inkjet printer develops an error commonly known as the used ink pad error. In this error, you will see a message saying Printer’s ink pad is at the end of its useful life (Service required), many red lights will also flash, and the Printer will stop printing. Most users think that their Epson L385 printer needs immediate hardware repair, but the real solution to this problem is really easy.
You need software called the Epson L385 tuning program to fix the ink pad reset error on the Epson L385.

This program is used to reset the Epson L385 printer to its factory settings to start working normally. We provide a 100% free link below to download the Epson L385 Reset Program for your convenience. You can use this Epson Epson L385 reset utility to troubleshoot many other issues related to this Printer. Here, we provide not only the Epson L385 Reset Software Download link.

Epson l380 l383 l385 l485 resetter

Epson l380 l383 l385 l485 resetter

But also instructions on how to use it to fix the Epson L385 Waste Ink Pad.
Epson l380 l383 l385 l485 resetter/adjustment program
If there is a so-called waste ink overflow problem on your Epson L380L383L385L485 printer, you can fix it yourself so that the Epson L380L383L385L485 printer’s waste ink counter returns to 0%, and then your Printer comes back. Be able to run. Can you perceive this problem? Read on to learn more about the following signs:

There are many ways to detect an Epson printer’s waste ink overflow: the first sign is that your Printer suddenly stops working, and you can see its Red Light Blinking. The second way is to check the notification on the computer;

You will get the message “Printer’s inside ink pads are at the end of their useful life. Contact Epson Technical Support “or” The Printer’s ink pad has reached the end of its life. Contact Epson Technical Support”.

Epson l380 l383 l385 l485 resetter

How to reset Epson l380 printer

Today you can download the Epson L380L383L385L485 Reset Tool from our website. If you encounter an “Epson L380 L383 L385 L485 printer service requirement or persistent intermittent red light error”, you can use this utility to resolve this issue. You can fix this issue with the Epson Reset Tool and Settings Program when your Printer shows that “the Printer’s ink pads are at the end of their useful life.

Epson l380 l383 l385 l485 resetter

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How to download epson l380 resetter

First, disable antivirus 

Download Epson l380 reset Software program from the  below link

Unzip  /extract the downloaded file.

Next the open folder and run Adjprog. Exe on your desktop.

Epson Adjustment program title  is open , click on” select”

Then select your printer “model Name “from the drop-down list and support  choose auto-selection click on ok

Click on   “particular adjustment  Mode”

Next, select  “waste ink pad counter”  and click on” ok “

Now click the “main pad counter “checkbox and click “check  “

When you click on the OK button you will see a popup message, the counter will start. Click OK

Select  “main pad counter” check box  Click on” initialize”

Click on the” finish “button

Close the Epson L380 adjustment program.

Next,  turn off your printer.

L380 Wic reset Not working for 100 % waste ink pad resetting